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Wow Realm Population

Wow Realm Population is for players who are looking for most active and populated Alliance or Horde realm and guild. – Active character: Character has logged in within 30 days. – All data is gathered from API usign guilds and characters info. – Characters
Checking the Game Region
To check your World of Warcraft game client region, look at the following three locations. If the region and language is set incorrectly in any of these three places, reinstall the correct regional game client. Check the Data Folder Open the Blizzard desktop app, select the World of Warcraft icon, click , then select Show in Explorer.
fetchRealm(region, realm[, classic]) Returns a JSON object containing the realm data. region Type: string realm Type: string classic Type: boolean Default: false fetchRealms(region[, classic]) Returns an array of JSON objects with the realms for that region. region
Area 52 NA US
 · Area 52 Server Population Area 52 has a population of approximately 110,000+ actively played characters, making it the third-highest population realm in the North American region for retail World of Warcraft. The fourth highest population realm in the region, Stormrage, follows close behind with an approximate population of 95,000 characters.
Used by Blizzard Entertainment Blizzard Entertainment, the makers of World of Warcraft games, generally uses the term “region” to describe the major continental and geographical groups of realms or servers (i.e. North American, European, Korean, Taiwanese, etc.).

Classic WoW Latin America (NA) and Spanish (EU) PvP …

Blizzard has added WoW Classic WoW realms for many regions and languages, but not for Latin American players–until now! While there is no ETA on the new realm, Blizzard confirmed a PvP realm is coming for Latin American players. There is also an EU Forum post …

wow-api-documentation/ at master · …

 · In the same post, Straton also mentions that not being able to specify realm names with spaces in a realms CSV list is also a bug and will be fixed. Determining a Realm’s Slug Though Blizzard has not disclosed their realm slugging algorithm, there has been some community discussion in the forums about it, especially starting in posts 15 and 16 of the “Community Platform API Feedback” …
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Setup TSM Desktop Application
In addition it will pull down region data for any region that you have added a realm from. If you only have EU realms, you would not receive US data, for example. Login to WoW and Verify Finally login to WoW to verify that you have data for your configured realms

WoW Classic Realms now on One Layer, Character …

All realms in this region are now operating without layers. Additionally, we’ve disabled the temporary restrictions on character transfers from realm to realm in this region. WoW Classic – Character Transfer Restrictions Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker /
WoW® Classic: Character Transfer – World of Warcraft
Are you ready to get a move on in WoW Classic? Transfer a single character between WoW® Classic realms, enabling you to play with a new community of players and/or find old friends on new servers – all without having to start over at level one.

Free Character Moves Available From Select Realms in …

Some WoW Classic realms have been experiencing long queue times, so Blizzard enabled Free Character Moves from Firemaw, Incendius, Faerlina and Whitemane. Blizzard (Source) EU We’ve enabled the Free Character Move service for the Firemaw realm, which
More PvP WoW Classic Realms Opening
Blizzard Tomorrow at 6:00 PM , we will open two new WoW Classic Realms in this region: Anathema PvP Pacific Netherwind PvP Eastern We strongly encourage players who wish to avoid extended queues on crowded PvP realms to plan to move to one of these two


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