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The History of the French High Speed Rail Network and …

The TGV has, in effect, shrunk the size of France bringing cities such as Marseille to only 3 hours from the French capital. It has also, much to the chagrin of rail enthusiasts, reshaped the railway landscape and method of operation of the SNCF.
Chic. France! This is might not be what SNCF stands for but, in our opinion, it should. One of the oldest train companies in Europe, it’s far from slow and doddery. With an extensive high-speed TGV network covering the entirety of France and beyond, SNCF
France – Transportation and telecommunications
 · In France the TGV network alone accounts for more than one-half of passenger miles and has attracted many new customers to the railways. Generally, however, fewer than one-fifth of passenger movements in France were accounted for by rail services, with traffic heavily concentrated along the main, electrified radial routes from the capital, particularly in the direction of southeastern France.
France’s TGV Rail Network “Hit by Sabotage”
France’s high-speed TGV rail network has been damaged by a “concerted campaign of sabotage”, BBC reported on Wednesday, citing the SNCF state-owned rail operator. Acts of sabotage overnight

Op-Ed: France’s speedy, free TGV wifi outperforms …

 · France’s national rail operator SNCF is experimenting new passenger experience features to attract passengers to the rails — and, in particular, its premium services on high-speed lines that are best known as the TGV — including on-train wireless Internet

Getting to and around France by train

Getting to France by train Map of entire French train network in 2018 (click to this link)An interactive map of the French train network Blue = High-speed trains (TGV) Purple = Local services – can be used by high-speed trains Green = rail freight – does not take
Rail transport in France
Rail transport in France is marked by a clear predominance of passenger traffic, driven in particular by high-speed rail.The SNCF, the national state-owned railway company, operates most of the passenger and freight services on the national network managed by its subsidiary SNCF Réseau..
 · France’s high-speed TGV rail network has been damaged by a “concerted campaign of sabotage”, the SNCF state-owned rail operator has said. It said acts of sabotage overnight, including fires, caused huge delays to TGV services already hit by a transport union
About France
A high-resolution map of the French railway network. This map is copyright Réseau Ferré de France. Reproduced with permission. Updated and enhanced by 2018 Return to About-France…
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*La quantité de CO2e émise par les voyageurs SNCF en 2018, sur la base des consommations d’énergie (source : Direction de l’Energie, SNCF Mobilités, 2018) et l’ensemble des trajets effectués en train en 2018 par les clients avec TGV, TGV LYRIA.
Train travel in France, a beginner’s guide
France’s world-famous TGV travels at up to 199 mph, from city centre to city centre, and if you pre-book direct with the operator you can find some really cheap fares, too. COVID-19 update : French domestic trains are running almost normally.
Dec 26, 2019 – Get itineraries to/from Gare de Lyon-Part-Dieu Train Station. Find local transport options, in-station services and best time to secure lowest priced train tickets. Click now for the latest info. The train station Lyon-Part-Dieu, located in the La Part-Dieu neighborhood, is a French railway station de la ville de Lyon, capital of the Rhone, in the

Terror on the TGV? The Terrorist Threat to France’s High …

The Terrorist Threat to France’s High Speed Train Network | In the post-9/11 world counter-terrorist screening procedures at airports in France have become more expensive for operators and more

How the TGV changed France, and put British railways in …

 · How the TGV changed France, and put British railways in the shade Certainly, the French have screwed up on Covid vaccines – but they’ve got high-speed rail travel nailed The TGV high-speed


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