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港臺與新聞 處職能不同 政府從未研究過合併
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 · Chief Executive Carrie Lam: Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) is a public broadcaster. Over the years, (it) has produced programmes which we all love, but RTHK is also a government department. Whether it’s a government department or a public broadcaster, RTHK has to follow rules, regulations and

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 · Recycling of broken household electrical appliances helps to reduce waste and recycle metal resources. As such, will you feel less guilty when you buy new electrical appliances? In fact, repairing household electrical appliances not only saves money, but also extends product life. As an environmentally conscious person, when you think of replacing your electrical appliances, there is no …
,正是大家的支持。 主持,曾志豪,節目充滿正能量,除提供即時本地,TVB axes broadcasts of RTHK's English news programme The Pulse and arts show The Works | Hong Kong Free Press HKFP
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