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Fixation On A Lonely God
Fixation On A Lonely God by Without, released 07 January 2016 1. Undoing 2. From Nothing 3. Fixation On A Lonely God 4. Cold Touch 5. Dissolution Of Self I feel your hands wrapped tight around my throat Leaving me helpless, empty and cold I reach for the

Becca Mancari

Becca Mancari Becca Mancari is a traveler. She’s lived everywhere — Staten Island, Florida, Zimbabwe, Virginia, India, Pennsylvania — and she’s collected plenty of tales along the way, spinning the sounds and stories of the modern world into songs.
Discovery by lonely god
Stream Discovery by lonely god from desktop or your mobile device SoundCloud Discovery by lonely god published on 2015-04-08T01:18:59Z
Lonely Kamel
Lonely Kamel by Lonely Kamel, released 28 October 2011 1. In My Lane 2. I’m Your God 3. Dark Lord 4. Don’t Piss On The Lizzard 5. Madras 6. Damn You’re Hot 7. Spacerider 8. Black Suits And Guns 9. Shake It With The Devil Lonely Kamel’s

Pacific Purgatory

Pacific Purgatory surf emo locals only email me about music, questions, or just anything you want me to see [email protected] Yokai, released 31 December 2020 she is a weeknight crier and a screamer on the weekend she wants eternal hellfire triple six, no

The Flowers of God

The Flowers of God Shuffle Your Feet, released 24 October 2011 V1 There’s so much pain So much beauty Got ta get on out and shake that boo-tay Make it bounce bounce Make it bounce bounce Alright! When ya turn out the lights It’s gonna be an artistic night You

Pattern Cutoff

Pattern Cutoff Funky electro punk! Notorious rebels from The West Coast of Holland. Creating dance, hiphop and wave inspired post-punk music armed with laptop, bass, synthesisers and electronic gadgets. This frantic trio promises to give you a wild party. Don&#39

Lonely Christmas, by Me in Capris

Me in Capris Lonely Christmas, released 24 December 2018 1. Lonely Christmas Used to have some wealth I guess Some extra bucks from CVS Buy one get one stocking stuff I’d fill my sleigh & couldn’t get enough A couple two, three years went by I’d clear my
Hoor mij, God
Hoor mij, God by Monnik, released 16 January 2021 1. Hoor mij, God “hoor mij, God ik heb mijn boete gedaan ik offerde mijn bloed aan het hellevuur” Monnik (Monk) is a very apt moniker for this Belgian based experimental one-man band. Monnik wants to explore

teen suicide

teen suicide Making Music Now under the name “American Pleasure Club” (though the band itself has not changed – just the name) you can find us at that bandcamp. Follow us on twitter at @fugazi420 for updates, tour info, release news, & to
Oh God, I’m So Lonely
Oh God, I’m So Lonely by Crawl Across the Sky, released 19 August 2016 more from Logos Borne
Nervous Breakdown
Nervous Breakdown by Destination Lonely, released 24 January 2020 1. Lovin’ 2. I want you 3. Ann 4. Out of your head 5. Follia 6. Nervous Breakdown 7. Day by day 8. Blind Man 9. Je m’en vais 10. Sentier Mental 11. Schizo MF 12. In that time 13. Trouble 14. Cry
Lonely OIOION by Liturgy, released 20 November 2020 supported by 158 fans who also own “Origin of the Alimonies” I want the vinyl of this more than I want that brand new lemon-coloured tricycle, but I cant afford to lose the kidney I’d need to sell to pay for the


Photonak Musical light for those in dark times. Tempered, released 17 December 2020 1. Fight for Me 2. Place Where We Belong 3. All These Memories 4. Inside Yourself 5. Come to Code 6. Daily Dose 7. Crawl 8. One Man Show 9. 1-Up 10. On My Own 11. Freedom for a


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