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Direct Antiglobulin Test (DAT) with Reflex to Anti C3 …

Direct Antiglobulin Test (DAT) with Reflex to Anti C3 and Anti IgG – The DAT (Direct Coomb’s test) is positive if red cells have been coated, in vivo, with immunoglobulin, complement, or both. A positive result can occur in immune-mediated red cell destruction

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The direct antiglobulin test (DAT; sometimes referred to as the “Coombs” test) continues to be one of the most widely used assays in laboratory medicine. First described about 70 years ago, it is
COVID-19 and the Coombs test
First, a quick overview of the DAT, also known as the direct Coombs test. The DAT is designed to identify IgG or complement (C3) bound to a patient’s own RBCs. A DAT positive for IgG could be caused by several things, 2 including autoimmunity, drugs, or intravenous immune globulin, among others, and not all positive DATs are clinically significant.
Coombs Test
The direct Coombs test (also known as the direct antiglobulin test or DAT) is used to detect if antibodies or complement system factors have bound to RBC surface antigens in vivo. A blood sample is taken and the RBCs are washed and then incubated with antihuman globulin.

What is the difference between IAT and DAT?

Direct Antiglobulin Test (DAT) – Detects antibodies or complement coating patient’s cells in vivo.Indirect Antiglobulin Test (IAT) – Uses a 37 o C incubation step so antibodies in serum can react with antigens on cells in vitro, After washing the cells antiglobulin reagent is used to …
Delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction
Positive direct antiglobulin test (DAT) for antibodies developed between 24 hours and 28 days after cessation of transfusion Positive elution test with alloantibodies present on the transfused red blood cells OR newly identified red blood cell alloantibodies in recipient serum.
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Coombs Test Article
 · Antiglobulin testing can be either direct antiglobulin testing (DAT) or indirect antiglobulin testing (IAT). The principle of DAT is to detect for the presence of antibodies attached directly to the RBCs, which takes place by washing a collected blood sample in saline to isolate the patient’s RBCs; this procedure removes unbound antibodies that may otherwise confound the result.
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 · During the direct Coombs test, the red blood cells are washed to remove the blood plasma. Thus, this removes the dissolved antibodies and complement proteins in the serum. Next step is to incubate these red blood cells with the Coombs reagent, which contains


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Direct Antiglobulin Test (DAT)
Depending upon the antiglobulin reagent used, a positive test means that either IgG and/or complement components were bound to the red cells in vivo, or inside of the body. Initial testing is often done using polyspecific antihuman globulin (AHG) that contains both anti-IgG and at least anti-C3d (In some preparations, anti-C3b and other anti-complement activity may also be present).
Indirect antiglobulin test
 · Yesterday, we looked at the direct antiglobulin test, or DAT.Today, we’ll take it one step further and look at the indirect antiglobulin test, or IAT (which is really just the DAT with an extra step thrown in). This test is the basis for two important assays in transfusion

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The autocontrol and direct antiglobulin test DAT will be strongly positive. The manufacturer’s instructions for using its reagents should be strictly followed in the presence of a strongly positive DAT. If there is no reaction with the typing reagent, the result must be


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